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Welcome to "Strategic Bird's Eye View"  where I share my tools, resources, and experiences to help other professionals and organizations thrive in the ever-evolving digital strategy landscape.


These items have helped me in my journey, I hope these insights and templates help empower you to bridge the gap between business and IT strategy, road mapping, planning, and execution to achieve strategic success.

Here are free templates from... 

The Ultimate Digital Strategy Playbook

Explore this growing collection of templates with strategic insights and practical examples that bridge the gap between business and IT. Each file in this playbook series provides actionable frameworks, processes, and real-world examples to help you navigate and optimize the lifecycle of strategic initiatives, ensuring alignment, efficiency, and innovation.

End-to-End Lifecycle Process

This End-to-End Idea Intake to Benefits Realization Funnel concept is nothing new but, it is the baseline that helps align leaders and teams by providing a comprehensive view of the entire lifecycle of strategic initiatives, from ideation intake to execution and benefits realization. Garnering alignment through this high-level framework ensures that every step is aligned with business goals and IT capabilities, fostering seamless collaboration and maximizing the value of strategic investments. The funnel approach helps organizations understand how ideas are evaluated, mapped to strategies, and prioritized, and ensures successful execution and expected outcomes.

The Ideation Cycle: From Concept to Action

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The Ideation Cycle: From Concept to Action slide illustrates the structured process of transforming initial ideas into actionable strategies within a business framework. This slide is designed to guide leaders and teams through the various stages of ideation, ensuring that ideas are thoroughly evaluated, aligned with strategic goals, and developed collaboratively to drive business growth and competitive advantage. The cyclical process highlights the importance of continuous feedback and iteration to refine and enhance ideas before they proceed to the next phase.


Shannon Bird, MBA

Welcome! I’m Shannon Bird, a seasoned expert in bridging the gap between business strategy and IT. With over 15 years of experience in digital strategy, planning, and roadmapping, I’ve successfully led numerous initiatives that align business goals with cutting-edge technology solutions. My passion lies in transforming complex challenges into actionable strategies that drive growth and innovation.

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