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Manda Lynn Coaching
Empowering Neurodiverse Families

Portrait of Manda Lynn, life coach and advocate, sitting on the edge of a bed with a warm smile.

Discover a path of thriving in parenthood through guidance and support from Manda Lynn


your journey.


your purpose.


your parenting.


Meet Manda Lynn

Life Coach for Autism Moms

Hi! I'm Amanda, and I am deeply passionate about guiding moms through the unique journey of parenting children with Autism. As a dedicated Life Coach, I specialize in helping moms achieve their personal goals while discovering their true purpose in this extraordinary journey. With engaging workshops and personalized coaching, whether virtual or in-person, my mission is to provide the support and guidance you deserve on your path to fulfillment.

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What I Specialize In


Sensory Art with Momma Bird

Illustration of a woman in a peaceful yoga meditation pose, with legs crossed and a serene expression, demonstrating a state of mindfulness and tranquility.

Helping Moms Find Their Purpose

Time, Purpose & Strategies Workshops

Illustration of a woman and a young boy engaging in a one-on-one coaching session, fostering personal interaction and meaningful conversation, symbolizing attentive guidance and support in a nurturing environment.

1:1 Coaching: Virtual & In-Person

Helping Moms Achieve their Goals

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