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Meet Manda Lynn

Empowering Moms, Elevating Lives

A Personal Journey

Amanda's mission as a life coach has been profoundly influenced by her own life experiences. She knows firsthand the challenges of being neurodiverse and what it's like to raise a neurodiverse family. She has a degree in education, is a huge mental health advocate and loves to work with people to help them find the happiness that they deserve. 

As a mother who has walked the path herself, Manda brings an unparalleled level of empathy and understanding to her coaching practice. She knows the importance of nurturing not only her own neurodiverse children but also how important self-care is in the process. Amanda's focus is to help Moms with neurodiverse children find their own strength, purpose, and fulfillment in this life. 

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"All we can do is what we can do, so that is what we'll do."                          - Manda Lynn


Your Partner Along the Way

Amanda specializes in helping moms like you achieve their personal goals. Her services include empowering moms to find their unique path, offering transformative workshops to help you manage your time, discover your inner purpose, and develop strategies for your children's needs.

Whether you prefer one-on-one coaching, virtual sessions from the comfort of your home, or in-person guidance, Amanda is here to provide the support and guidance you deserve. Her services are built on the belief that thriving as a family begins with empowering parents to thrive in their own lives.

In addition to individual coaching, Amanda is passionate about creating a network of parents who can connect, share, and find camaraderie. She believes in the strength of community and the power of shared experiences in this unique journey.

Let's get started!

This is where your journey starts a new

As a life coach specializing in supporting moms of children with autism, I am dedicated to helping you navigate the unique challenges you face. With my guidance and expertise, you can find balance, strength, and joy in your role as a mother and caregiver. Together, we will explore strategies, develop coping mechanisms, and create a personalized plan to empower you on this journey. Let's embark on this transformative experience together.

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