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New Car, Meet Deer. No joke.

Momma Got a New Car

Yup. You read the title right, “New Car, Meet Deer.” Except, let me delve deeper and tell you that we were literally a mile away from our house and I was just driving my new Chevy Traverse for the first flipping time. I cannot even make this shit up if I try.

new car

Car introduced to deer

La la la la, driving down the dark road. No silence or anything crazy like that, because let’s be real, I am the Mom of three very rambunctious children and a hubby that loses his shit when the kids are losing their shit (and he forgot to take his Xanax, but I digress…)

You know when you get that new car (or “new” in our case, we never buy anything new, it’s not like we’re rich or something) and you are just admiring the fact that you have this new piece of machinery, it’s so nice and doesn’t smell like dirty socks or stinky cheese covered up by Scentsy scent circles, just yet? No? Well, let’s just say I am impressed.

Happy wife. Happy life.

The hubby looks at you and says “That’s one happy wife right there.” My other car, was also a Traverse and it was starting to slowly fall apart. We had been talking about upgrading for quite some time, but kept holding off because we didn’t want to spend the money.

No Flipping Way!

Moments later, you see it coming at you out of the corner of your eye. A deer. This time it may be too close to miss it. You literally do not even have time to shout out your husband’s full name, I think I may have said, “Shan…”

It’s crazy because I don’t have a lot of faith in my ability during a crisis situation, but time and time again, I have proven that Momma Bear (or shall I say, Bird. he he!) comes out and you just spring into action to keep your babies safe.

Momma Bear (Bird) Springs into Action

Shannon said that when he looked over at me, I looked calm, cool and collected and I had my shit together. Folks, that is so not me. I am hot mess Momma over here, most of the time. So, I guess, if the Zombie Apoccolypse is upon us, you know who to call.

Ok…back to my story, see how my mind works?! I think I have Mom ADD, but it cannot be confirmed.

Damn Deer

The fawn literally sprinted towards the path of our vehicle. I was on a two lane road that was 50 MPH and I somehow managed to slow my car down enough, coast along-side the fawn, then once we were in the ditch I bumped it when I hit my breaks pretty hard, trying to avoid it. I bumped it! How is that possible? I will never know. Especially, on a road that fast, with not a lot of leeway and it being pitch dark outside. My car did not have any marks on it, except for a few stray hairs from the deer.

Does anyone else ever thank their guardian angels when something like that happens? I sure do. So, thank you Grandma and Grandpa, for once again looking over me and the family and keeping us safe. Especially, when, just moments ahead there was a deep ditch and a guard rail. The other side of the road has the river. Scary.

Day one of the new family vehicle was an adventure, but at least I know that my boat is safe. Need any recommendations for a safe and reliable vehicle? Boy do I have the car for you!

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