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Snow White? Nope.

Snow White? Nope.

It’s been a while since I wrote about my Amanda-isms and I need to. I have been so serious and shit lately in my writing. OK, as serious as I get. So I decided to share with you some of my latest. Here goes…

So, I have been so impressed with the feeling of serenity and peacefulness that our new home provides. It truly feels just right and I cannot tell you exactly why that is. I feel like a new side of me is blooming and I am hoping that in turn this new me can help conquer and maybe even dissipate some of my depression and anxiety. I mean, anything is possible but I don’t expect miracles either. Plus, let’s be real. The serenity is mixed with the pure chaos of raising my almost tween that thinks he knows it all and prefers to beat on his brother instead of talk it out, my middle that is highly hyperactive with a large dash of goofy aggressiveness and my youngest that is trying to take us by storm with her stubborn demands and high-pitched screams. Some say they would love to be a fly on our wall, but truly no fly is crazy enough to want to listen to that shit!

Serenity…That’s a New One

So anyways…one of the things that has been so relaxing and fascinating to me, at the same time, is the population of birds around our house. My wonderful, country, born husband was big on getting the bird feeders set up right away and if you say anything like that around our oldest, you know you will not hear the end of it until it is done. I’m pretty sure our first week here, we barely had somewhere to sleep but by golly, you better believe that the flipping birds had bird feeders. I mean the house came equipped with these poles that slant outwards on the porch and we had no idea what the hell they were for, then it dawned on us (ok, well it dawned on my husband, he is much more clever with that kind of shit)…it’s for the birdie feeders! Must get them right away. Screw furniture.

For the Birds

The other day I was in the house alone and I sat at the kitchen table watching the birds eat. I could not believe that we had at least 5 cardinals taking turns eating while even more roosted in our trees waiting to get on the feeder. This is only the cardinals, we also always have one of those little woodpeckers on standby, bluejays and chickadees and honestly I don’t know what else because I did not even know that all of these birds existed in Ohio until we moved to the country. I am just starting to know the common ones.

So yeah…I am at the age or time in my life or whatever you want to call it, where I find this shit fascinating and I love sitting there and watching them. Even our crazy ass pup that at first would just jump and scratch at the window now just rests his head on the window pane and watches them do their thing. Man, even the dog is becoming country. (That is unless there is some godforsaken woodland creature that he views as a chase.)

So Purty. Must validate on Facebook

I decided that I wanted to get a video of the serene moment to share with the wonderful peeps on Facebook. I mean, if I am in the country now, it’s gotta be something because I swore it would never be me. If Shannon would have told me 17, hell even 7 years ago that we would move to the country with our three kids and two dogs. That we would accumulate a bearded dragon, chickens and ducks by that following Spring, I would have told him that he had lost his damn mind, there is no way that is going to happen if I’m involved. Country? Not for me. Yup, I was so wrong and I am so glad.

So here I am taking a video, standing next to the glass, watching these majestic creatures nurture themselves with our bounty of seeds. Sounds perfect, right?

Well…I went to sit down and either I or something outside spooked the birds, while I was recording (I don’t think it was me because they cannot see us from the outside and we go and stand by the windows often without disturbing them).

So what happens you ask? For the first time in three weeks of being here, one of the fucking birds flew right into the glass. You can hear it on my video and all I can do is laugh. Well laugh and also belt out something that resembles the midwestern “Ope.” You know what I’m talking about Midwesterners.

Do I put off some type of pheromone that emits strange acts of ludicrousy or is there an aura of crazy shit surrounding me? I really do not know. My oldest swears that I just have bad luck, but I can’t believe that is true either. I mean, I think that we have pretty good luck, but the kind of luck that you have to work pretty hard for and get your hands and arms and shit maybe even your legs dirty. Ok, maybe that’s not luck but I don’t want to say things aren’t good. It’s just that crazy shit happens to us, particularly me. It’s just how it has always been and if anything, it’s entertaining.

Well, here is my quick video of that exact bird watching incident. Enjoy and hopefully get a good chuckle out of it.

As always, thank you for reading.

P.S. Shannon watched out Nest Video and in fact, I did not disturb the birds, there was something outside that perturbed them and caused them to get spooked. It would just happen in the seconds that I recorded, when we have sat there and watched the birds every damn day with no such incident. Of course.

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