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Blogger Recognition Award

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

When you’re nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award, there are rules you need to follow while accepting the award in order to keep the circle going:

• Thank the blogger that nominated you

• Write a post to show your award

• Give a brief story of how your blog started

• Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers

• Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to

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Thank you so much Yule Times ( for nominating me for this award back in January, what an amazing way to start the new year feeling the love from other bloggers. Even though I do not always get to respond to these rewards right away, it means the world to me that other inspirational writers notice my work. Thank you so very much for taking the time to follow my blog. Your practical writing with a hint of humor and realism is refreshing. I appreciate your posts and the way you make your readers feel right at home by inviting them in with the reality of all that encompasses the busy lives of parents. I wish you continued success in your writing.

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The idea of a blog had been on my mind for quite some time. The phrase, “You should write a book about your life,” was not uncommon for me to hear whenever I shared a small fraction of my story.

I was scared and extremely hesitant. I kept finding other things to fill the space, I even went as far as joining another direct selling company right after I had decided I would, in fact, start writing. My extremely encouraging husband was baffled and quickly showed me that I was once again finding something to avoid writing because I was scared. I am so glad he knows me, sometimes better than I know me. I quickly took it back and apologized to my friend that I had signed up under because, well, guilt.

What really made the shift was when I found out that my Aunt, whom I have always been close with, had breast cancer that had spread to her bones. I needed an outlet. Somewhere to go about all of this and make sense of how I was feeling.

Irony set in, as always, and months after I started writing, I too was diagnosed with cancer. Now I had somewhere to share both of our cancer journeys and spread awareness. Once my blog became established I started to realize that mental health was really the underlying niche (I hate that word) of my blog and here we are.

I have only just begun and I look forward to sharing so much more with you, hopefully, one-day raising funds for Mental Health Awareness.

Every time I publish, I pour my heart into my writing and I can breathe a sigh of relief, after a quick bought of heart palpitations because sometimes I cannot believe I am about to send some of my deepest thoughts out into the universe for all to see. It is very cathartic for me.

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Just be you. Yes, you are going to hesitate to say things and yes, you may worry about what others will think of your writing. Just try your best to remain true to yourself, the rest will come. If you are afraid to write about something and you’re not ready, that is fine and you may never be and that is okay, too. Just go at your own pace and know that you are doing your best work. There will always be critics, no matter how amazing of a writer you may be.

Only write when the mood strikes. I am a person that can spew out around 10 posts one week in a fit of writing and then go weeks without a single thing. Just make sure you write those ideas down when they come to you because that is when they are raw and authentic. The mood always seems to strike me when I am trying to sleep, so I just grab my computer and type it all out, not worrying about editing or any of that nonsense, there is plenty of time in between to work on that.

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  1. I only chose 10 nominees because I wanted to make sure that I have gone through their blog, read a few articles and appreciated their writing. I didn’t want to name off a bunch of writers without actually knowing their content and this is what I chose:

I am now going to nominate 10 other bloggers to take part in the Blogger Recognition Award.

1. Danielle at Piece of Cake Parenting, (@parentingcake on twitter) I love her advice for new parents. If I was a new parent with itty bitty ones I would be all over this page! Where was she when I first used a nasal aspirator? ha ha! Loved that one! Great tips!

2. Cassandra at Socially Momkward, @sociallymomkwrd on twitter I feel that her and I are very similar in our writing and it just makes me feel not so alone. She talks about real issues and she talks about the everyday irony in life, I love it so much!

3. Mom Thoughts Blog,, @momthoughtsblo1 on twitter

She blogs about the experience of being a first-time mom, shares some good recipes and also talks about some real-life obstacles.

4. Finding the Fearless Life,, (@FEARLESS7123 on twitter)

She talks about her and her family’s mental health journey and ways to help you through the hard times (meditation,etc.). I find her writing very helpful and inspiring.

5. Greg at Philosophy of Dad, (@philosophy_dad on twitter)

A stay at home Dad that tells his side of the story with a candid insight into life with kids. A good guy, real and truthful. What’s not to love?

6. Three Time Daddy,

I really enjoy reading his content, he’s consistent, has the perfect humor and he is matter of fact.

7. Bad Ass Maverick Mom at (@mommaverick on twitter)

She writes about having a baby over forty with an amazing sense of humor and a raw realness in her writing. It’s perfect.

8.  Savannah at  http://motherhoodtenminutesatatime (@motherhoodten on twitter)

She gives wonderful advice on parenting, activities to share to create memories and so much more. I truly do not know how she does it, but she is an inspiration.

9.  Catherine, (@Irishgirl69 on twitter)

An extremely strong woman that has been through so much and shares her story of abuse and how she overcame horrible circumstances. She is an inspiration to many.

10. Lynn,, (@shapingherworld on twitter)

This wonderful Momma shares insights into her daily life with Hannah, her sweet daughter with autism. She gives words of wisdom, advice and more, you should definitely check it out!

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Thank you so much for following along with me. I appreciate you more than you know!


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