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Introduction of my very own blog

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Wouldn’t trade this crazy life!


Woah…let’s be real here. Amanda Bird (formerly Zaller), here to give an introduction to her very own blog about her life, is this something someone would want to read or even consider being a part of? Now, that I’m not sure. That sure as hell will not stop me from writing, this is what I have finally decided. You only live once and life is too short.

Most people that know me know my level of hard work and dedication when it comes to this kind of stuff. I mean, my posts on Facebook are epic. Who wouldn’t want to read about my latest Amanda moment? One that I have to shine up and retype and redo many flipping times just to make it Facebook appropriate. The right length, the right amount of sass, with just the right amount of bull shit to catch your attention.

Yup, I’m kind of over posting my shit on Facebook and worrying about what this person or that person thinks. Screw the people. Ok, well not really, I do actually like most people. The keyword is most people.

 I have this issue where I like to speak my mind at times (although my heart is usually racing and I am not sure what words are coming out of my mouth), but I am also a people pleaser that cares way too much what people think. It doesn’t make sense and if I could change it I would…actually, I think this blog is my first step in that direction. This is for me. This is my story and my outlet.


What started all of this? Well, let’s just say my life may have been leading in this direction for far too long and then shit really hit the fan and I realized…

  1. Life is short.

  2. I’m no spring chicken (someone used to always say that exact statement when I was younger and it would annoy the shit out of me and yet, here I am).

  3. My story will not write itself and I can only hold things in for so long.

  4. Why not?! Just go for it!

To be honest, I am not sure how deep I will go. At the same time, I think that it is like I am walking into the ocean with a slight decline. I will get to the deep water eventually, and if you are still interested, which I wouldn’t want you here if you were just being a nosy ass person that didn’t give two shits about my story anyways, then you will be walking into those waters alongside me. It may be murky, it may be just downright muck, but its still water and there is always the chance that it will be clear again.

I look forward to walking this new journey of blogging with you. I hope that my words can help some, make some laugh and maybe even make you think that you are not alone because I promise you are not.

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